Lesson learned: A bit matters 18 Mar 2014

Being one port off, one bit off, or one number off can be the difference between a gremlin seemingly appearing in the inner workings of your software (or hardware) and it working as you suspect.

Anxiety Of The Unknown 16 Mar 2013

Vision is hard: it requires you to see beyond the immediate; to anticipate a destination shrouded in unknowns; to set a course where you have more questions than answers; and to provide leadership to make it there.

YAGNI and Design 04 Mar 2013

The other day over lunch we discussed the first few chapters of Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby (POODR) by Sandi Metz. One of the things that came up in our discussion was the notion of YAGNI and its intersection with design.

Einstein Quotes and My Associated Ramblings 27 Dec 2012

I've begun reading Albert Einstein's biography this holiday season and it's becoming a very hard book to put down. He has a number of memorable quoetes. Here's a few so far and the thoughts they have spurred in my mind.

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